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  • Fax Broadcast Faxing Services for 5.9 cents per MINUTE with NO monthly minumums Since 1993!

    Call (832) 271-0301 for Assistance

    • Only 5.9 Cents per Success Fax Minute
    • Credit Card Billed
    • NO signup or monthly fees!
    • NO monthly minimums!
    • NO delivery report fees!
    • SECURE - Full 128-Bit SSL Data Encryption to ensure your Security!
    • Fax to Email starting at $8.95 per month with 300 Free Fax Pages
    • Email to Fax from 6.9 Cents per Page

    Fax Broadcasting Services

    Blastfax.com provides a Fax Broadcasting Services for 5.9 cents per MINUTE with NO monthly minimum.

    Fax Broadcasting in 3 Easy Steps after signing up with your Credit Card:

    1. Manage your lists with our List Manager.
    2. Manage your documents with our Document Manager.
    3. Schedule your Fax Broadcast by Batching for immediate or future delivery.

    Send your fax broadcasting messages for 5.9 cents per MINUTE successfully delivered 24 hours 7 days a week with a $ 10.00 minimum per Broadcast. International rates may vary. There are no monthly commitments nor setup fees and we never charge for No Answer, Busy or Disconnected numbers. Blastfax customers can view online logs of every number dialed and the result of each call.

    Fax Broadcasting Services for 5.9 cents per Minute with no monthly minimum. Blastfax.com supports many file types such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat PDF and other popular graphic file types such as BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF and many others.

    The Blastfax system is 100% web-based, completely automated and backed by 128-bit SSL data encryption.

    Mail Merge Solutions

    Personalize your fax broadcast message by utilizing our Mail Merge capabilities. There is an additional charge of 1 cent per minutefor using Mail Merge.

    Blastfax does NOT supply email, fax or phone lists. We simply provide easy to use, credit card billed Fax Broadcasting and Emal to Fax solutions.

    Please call (832) 271-0301 with any questions or send an email to support@blastfax.com.

    Website SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising

    Blastfax.com has expanded our "MARKETING" Service offerings to include SEO analysis of your Website and the use of Google Advertising and Marketing Services through our Partnership with Premier Placement Media.

    Premier Placement Media is one of the oldest and largest Google Partners providing Pay Per Click advertising services. Please call Jim Regan, Google Enterprise Specialist at (832) 271-0301 for further information.

    Fax to Email Services

    Receive your faxes directly to your email address(s) with Blastfax's Email to Fax service You can now receive your faxes on your iPhone, Droid, Outlook, Webmail, and others. Blastfax.com also archives your incoming faxes where you can view them once logged into your secure Blastfax.com Web Portal.

    We have three Fax to Email (E-Fax) Solutions for inbound faxing needs:

    • Texas fax numbers for
      only $8.95 per month,
      includes 300 incoming fax pages.
    • Pick your Area Code !
      Nationwide fax numbers for
      only $12.95 per month
      includes 300 incoming fax pages.
    • Nationwide Toll Free 800 number for
      only $12.95 per month
      includes 50 incoming fax pages.

    Send Faxes from your Email

    Send faxes directly from your iPhone, Droid, Webmail, or Outlook Email system.

    Fax to Email users can send their faxes for only 6.9 cents per page directly from your email.

    Send your faxes using any email application; iPhone, Android, Outlook, Webmail, and others.

    Type in the address field:


    Type up your email message:

    Type the [faxnumber] in the To address field. The fax number should include the country code - Please use 1 for all U.S. numbers

    ( such as 12816643330@fax.blastfax.com ).

    Type the body of the email and attach any document. They will be formatted as separate pages in the fax. The attachments must conform to our supported document types.

    When sending, please use the Email account that is registered under your Blastfax.com Fax to Email account. You can verify the email address by going to My Account and verify which email address should be used.